Culinary Delights Tour

Rich in flavours and delicious cuisine, Turkey has been home to many civilisations who have left traces of their culinary heritage in the area. This seven day tour takes you on a journey from Istanbul and along the Aegean Coast of Turkey to experience some of the finest and authentic dishes on offer in this scenic country.

Beginning and ending the tour in the magical city of Istanbul - we will taste, sample, shop, pick and cook our way through this vibrant landscape. In the heart of Istanbul, we will familiarise ourselves with the smells and flavours of Turkey in the famous spice market, try the original Turkish baklava and dine like royalty in the finest restaurants. Moving down the coast, we will visit the Ancient City of Ephesus and experience Turkish cuisine at the other end of the spectrum. We will eat hearty, home cooked Turkish meals, make our own bread in a small Turkish village, eat the freshest produce and sip the local wine. This tour will immerse you in Turkish culture and cuisine, leaving you with a sweet and memorable taste on our palates.


6 May - 12 May 2015

Culinary Delights Tour travel map