Hidrellez - A Gypsy Festival

This tour is a celebration of the way of life of the Romani people. You will get the chance to learn their dance and culture before joining in on their biggest party of the year - the Hidrellez Festival in Edirne. Hidrellez is the early spring festival held throughout Anatolia every year, traditionally celebrating the awakening of nature. It is believed that every wish made that night will be granted, as it is on that night that the prophet Hizir comes to give helps to those in need. The Romanys celebrate the night with lively street parties with gypsies playing music and the tradition is as you say your wish you jump over a fire. For those not so brave, you can also write down your wish and bury it under a plant or tie it to a tree branch. The festival ends normally at dawn when the Romany people have the tradition of going to the river for an early morning dip in the cold waters.

The tour will start off in Istanbul where you will be taught the technique of Romany dance from Dalia Carella and Reyhan Tuzsuz, two masters of the art. We will then travel down to Edirne, the heart of the gypsy community to celebrate Hidrellez with the locals in town.


30 April - 5 May 2015

Hidrellez - A Gypsy Festival travel map