Horticulture and Culture Tour

Turkey is a country that is immensely rich in history, culture and diversity. It also is a country that is rich in its variety of botany, gardens and natural beauty. On this tour throughout Turkey, you will get to see some of this diversity in its natural wonders. You will get to visit historical gardens and parks, have nature walks through wild flowers, visit organic farms, taste wines at some of the vineyards and even get into some artists studios to see some locally made crafts. Along the way you will be passing through some beautiful towns and cities that offer up these sites plus have their own charm and reason to visit. This tour is unique in its offerings and Im sure you will walk away revelling in the marvellous landscapes and natural beauties that makes this country so amazing to travel through.


23 April - 9 May 2015

Horticulture and Culture Tour travel map