Tastes of Turkey

There are so many reasons to visit Turkey. A country rich in history and culture, sitting on two continents, its where the east meets the west. Turkey has something for all tastes whether it be historical places, beaches and sun or unusual landscapes, the country has it all. This tour takes in the best of all of these things combined. The tour starts and ends in the mystical City of istanbul where you will visit the Ottoman palaces, peaceful mosques and the chaotic bazaars.

Time will be spent visiting the Gallipoli peninsula and the Ancient City of Ephesus, where you can contemplate what happened in times past at these places marked in history. There will be time spent down on the Mediterranean coast before we then head back up through the unusual landscape of Cappadocia. The finally visiting the alluring City of Safranbolu before the tour ends again in Istanbul.

In some exclusive cooking classes we get a long the way we will be taught how to make some of the mouth watering and delicious delicacies that Turkish cuisine has to offer. We will have experts walk us through some of the markets showing us the best of the fresh produce. We will not only get to eat what we create but we will also dine in some of the top notch restaurants around Turkey and also get to taste some of the back street local eateries and street stalls.


22 September - 12 October 2015

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