Women's Wellness Retreat

This two week Womens Wellness Retreat is all about taking time out for you yourself, getting back in tune your body, learning about a more natural way of life, all while being in one of the most spectacular countries on the earth - Turkey. For two weeks you will be taught all about natural medicines, natural therapies and yoga. You will get time to put this all into practise, to experience some of the treatments and to participate in regular yoga sessions. Set along the beautiful mediterranean coastline, the retreat also affords time to explore some of the wonderful places of interest in the area. You will get to visit some ancient sites, local markets, learn how to cook Turkish food, swim in the pristine turquoise waters of the med, whilst still having your own free time. This wellness retreat is for those who want the time out to explore their own natural harmonies with life, away from their homely distractions, and why not in a better place than the wonderful Turkey.


18 May - 1 June 2015

Women's Wellness Retreat travel map